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Robert A. Heinlein: A Reader's Companion

James Gifford, 2000

Our founding and still flagship title, the authoritative guide to all the works of Robert Heinlein. A 2001 Hugo Award nominee. New Kindle version (2020) contains updated material!

The Martian Named Smith

Critical Perspectives on Robert A. Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land

William H. Patterson & Andrew Thornton, 2001

A complete and masterful analysis of Heinlein's most famous and significant novel as social satire.

Robert A. Heinlein Centennial Souvenir Book

July 2007

The attendee souvenir book for the 2007 Heinlein Centennial, containing many previously unpublished Heinlein works and retrospectives by a host of notable writers and other figures influenced by Heinlein.


James Gifford, 2014 (updated 2024)

A humorous but insightful compendium of notable people who have changed not their last or complete name, but first and given names.

Crisis of Control

Peter J. Scott, 2017

Book One of the Human Cusp series. An authoritative look at how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming an imbedded part of our world, and its consequences—or benefits—to humanity.

The Magic and Menace of SpaceShipOne

Brian Binnie, 2020

A stunning and authentic insider's history of the first private manned spaceflight program, written by one of the two pilots who claimed the Ansari XPRIZE.

InDesign to Kindle: A Professional Guide

James Gifford, 2021 (New Edition 2024)

A comprehensive guide to professional craft publishing results in Kindle format.

So Cut the Cord, Already!

James Gifford, 2022

A step-by-step guide for the average person on how to get rid of cable and explore the world of streaming entertainment.

Artificial Intelligence and You

Peter J. Scott, 2022

Book Two of the Human Cusp series.

Cheaper by the Dozen at 75

James Gifford, 2022

The 1948 autobiographical novel Cheaper by the Dozen persists as one of America's best-loved books. Here, in commemoration of the book's 75th Anniversary, is a complete set of page by page annotations to help new readers and old put the historical and era references in context and fill in the amazing true back story of the (lightly) fictionalized Gilbreth family tale.

First released in Amazon Kindle edition, now available in a specially formatted print edition as well!

Admirers of the Gilbreth family shouldn't miss the companion site here!

General FreE-book Titles (PDF)

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"From Pillar to Post"

'Jack Alan,' 1942

Possibly the funniest dog story ever written, and an introduction to the wonders of Great Danes.

"Occulted Watchmen"

James Gifford, 2003

An analysis of an overlooked clue in the groundbreaking graphic novel Watchmen, with a conclusion about two of the early heroes whose stories are vaguely told. Dave Gibbons said, "I'm not sure I agree, but it's such a clever approach I hate to say it's wrong." Judge for yourself.

Robert Heinlein-related FreE-book Titles (PDF)

The links below are for free, direct-download PDF editions.

The New Heinlein Opus List (2020 update)

James Gifford, 2000 & 2020 (from Robert A. Heinlein: A Reader's Companion)

The authoritative list of Robert Heinlein's works with reference numbering system. Included in the book, but this standalone version on convenient letter-size pages includes check boxes and note space for collector, reader and researcher use.

"The Nature of Federal Service in Robert A. Heinlein's Starship Troopers"

James Gifford, 1996

In 1980, Robert Heinlein made a long, controversial claim about 'Federal Service' in his 1959 novel. This paper carefully analyzes the text of the book in evaluating Heinlein's 30-year-later claim.

"A Listing of Errors in Leon Stover's Robert A. Heinlein"

James Gifford, 1989

While Dr. Leon Stover's 1988 book on Heinlein and his works was a breakthrough volume in many respects, it went to press with a considerable number of errors. This list and analysis of those errors is intended to guide readers and research users of the book, not criticize the late Dr. Stover—who, by the way, told me this was "the most positive criticism any of his works had ever received."

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