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The world is full of people who have changed their names. Some changed their entire names for stage or literary or personal reasons. Many others have changed their last or family name, through adoption or marriage or assimilation. But people who have changed their first or given names only... that's a different story.

Name-Droppers catalogs some 970 famous or notable people who we know by a first name other than that they were given at birth and often called into adulthood. Sometimes they use a middle name. Sometimes initials. And sometimes they just choose, or are gifted with, another name altogether. Come take a look... and for every one you know, we bet there's ten that will flat out shock you.

Can you guess what legendary screen beauty was born "Winifred"? What hockey player's real first name is Joseph? (That's a trick question, by the way.) You almost certainly know Babe Ruth's real first name... but how about Sparky Anderson or Satchel Paige? Or Spike Jones or Chevy Chase? And what modern US president was born as David... or for that matter, Leslie, and who's the other Tom?

Check in and find out!

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