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InDesign to Kindle
A Professional Guide

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Kindle Publishing with Professional Results!

Publishing books in Kindle format has never been a better option for authors who want to reach their market and audience as directly as possible. But the hurdle most author/publishers find the most difficult is actually producing a clean, attractive, well-formatted Kindle e-book. The web is saturated with resources and communities supporting this endeavor, but accurate, up-to-date and truly useful information remains maddeningly hard to find. It's even harder for authors and publishers who want to go beyond the basics and create something better than what novice tools or a simple conversion from Word can produce.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Expert Publication

This new book is what you need to clear that hurdle: a comprehensive guide to getting from InDesign to a thoroughly professional, craft-published result — even with complex material! Far beyond the basics of formatting text in chapters, this guide covers the details of illustrations, tables, lists, footnotes and more... all with the aim of a maximum-quality result.

This wholly new edition focuses exclusively on InDesign processes, including advanced formatting and management for lists, images, tables of contents and the full process of "dual format" publishing — a single InDesign source file for both PDF/print and EPUB/Kindle export!

Pro Techniques for Those Who Aim Higher

This is not yet another "easy ways to do it" quick-reference for authors, and it's not another "all in one" guide to self-publishing. It's a complete and focused guide to the most difficult, misunderstood step: the process and techniques that turn a live book file into a polished Kindle publication! And it's completely up to date, freshly written by an experienced publication designer, veteran publisher and award-nominated writer.

Technical Background Required:

While this guide is aimed at all serious Kindle publishers, some basic knowledge will help readers get the most from it:

Readers with less starting knowledge will find useful information as well, along with guides to acquiring those supporting skills needed to make the most of this valuable reference. Veteran Kindle publishers will find new insights and methods as well.

Ready to go pro with Kindle publishing? Here's your chance!

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What happened to the Word related content?

This title was originally written with processes from InDesign and MS Word to EPUB, HTML and Kindle content. The Word approach, while valid, was fairly basic and had procedural gaps such as not supporting a Kindle device TOC. After several weeks were expended in trying to expand the Word-related material, it was concluded that there was no workable path from MS Word to Kindle via HTML, not without advanced and complex steps beyond initial generation of the export file. Word, sadly, is just not a fully-fledged publication tool, and the incomplete material was removed from this new edition (which necessitated a difficult title change to boot). Readers are invited to contact us with questions and suggestions about making Word a useful EPUB/Kindle production tool.

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