Author James Gifford
Publication July 2014
(4th Update: February 2017)
Edition E-Book (Kindle, Nook, iBook) US$2.99
(Available from's Kindle Store)
Description This all-new compilation of names includes more than 700 individuals from antiquity to current officeholders and chart-busters who have dropped, masked, changed or rearranged their first names. Far from a listing of "name oddities" or stage and pen names, this collection takes a close look at those who kept their family names and shuffled their given names.
  Includes all six US Presidents who served under names different from those they were born with, the legion of British and Canadian Prime Ministers who abandoned their first names, and the dozen Hall of Fame hockey players who decided they didn't want to be known as "Joseph"... and much, much more. Hundreds of listings of authors, actors, politicians and sports figures who decided their middle name sounded better... or just picked one from fiction.
  Get your copy today and find out the hilarious name secrets of Anne Rice, Gerald R. Ford and the Richard hockey brothers... and which member of Pink Floyd is really named Roger!
  • Introduction
  • A-Z Listing of over 700 individuals who changed their first or given names
  • Sources, Acknowledgements and Afterword

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