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NEW! E-Books

Name-Droppers Amazon Kindle

James Gifford

Published July, 2014

An encyclopedic compendium of individuals who have changed their given names, from authors to US Presidents. Available now for Kindle!


Crisis of Control Amazon Kindle
Crisis of Control

Peter J. Scott

Published February 2017

NEW! Our future depends on the development of humans and artificial intelligence as partners.

Now available from Amazon, Ingram, CreateSpace and us, in softcover and Kindle!

Robert A. Heinlein: A Reader's Companion
Robert A. Heinlein:
A Reader's Companion

James Gifford

Published April 2000

Our flagship title, still the field's primary reference to the works of Robert Heinlein.

The Martian Named Smith
The Martian Named Smith:
Critical Perspectives on Robert A. Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land

William H. Patterson Jr. & Andy Thornton

Published May 2001

The first and still primary critical analysis of Robert Heinlein's most famous (and possibly most important and enduring) novel.

Specialty Items

Heinlein Centennial Souvenir Book
Robert A. Heinlein Centennial Souvenir Book

Published July 2007

The collectible souvenir book given to attendees of the 2007 Centennial.
Finally on open sale — A limited number remain available.

Independent E-Books

From Pillar to PostPDF Document
“From Pillar to Post, or, How to Walk Your Dog”

‘Jack Alan’

First published 1942
E-book edition 2007

A free e-book reprint of one of the funniest dog stories ever written.

Occulted WatchmenPDF Document
Occulted Watchmen

James Gifford

First published 2003
E-book edition 2010

A free e-book reprint of an important critical paper on the landmark graphic novel Watchmen.

PDF Document
The Nature of Federal Service in Robert A. Heinlein's Starship Troopers

James Gifford

First published 1986
E-book edition 2011

A free offprint of an important critical paper on the thorniest issue in Heinlein studies. It has withstood 25 years of critical challenge with only minor corrections.

PDF Document
A Listing of Errors in Leon Stover's Robert Heinlein

James Gifford

First published 1989
E-book edition 2011

A free offprint of an evaluation of the 1989 critical interpretation of Heinlein's works. Dr. Stover called it “the most positive negative review” he ever received.

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