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Since 2000, we've been the home of fine specialty publishing.

From our anchor works on American author Robert Heinlein to our newer publications on Artificial Intelligence and the history of commercial spaceflight, NitroPress has a fascinating catalog of works to explore.

Our free e-book titles—"FreE-books"—bring a selection of shorter works not found anywhere else as well.

(And if you're a Robert Heinlein fan, be sure to check out the Heinlein archive pages, too!)


Brian Binnie & SS1 at NASM

Brian Binnie

26 Apr 1953 – 15 Sep 2022

'Clear skies, Lead.'

New Books!

Artificial Intelligence and You (NEW!)

Book Two of the Human Cusp series.
Available in Kindle, hardcover & softcover format!

Cheaper by the Dozen at 75 (NEW!)

A Reader's Companion to One of America's Best-Loved books
Available in Kindle format!

So Cut the Cord, Already! (NEW!)

A step-by-step guide for the average person on how to cut the cord, get rid of cable and explore the wonders of streaming entertainment.
Available in both Kindle & softcover format!

Word & InDesign for Kindle: A Professional Guide (Still pretty new!)

A comprehensive guide to professional results in Kindle publication, from both Word and InDesign.
Available in both Kindle & softcover format!

The Magic and Menace of SpaceShipOne (now in Kindle version)

This magnificent history of the dawn of commercial manned spaceflight, told from "behind the stick" by one of the first two pilots to win Commercial Astronaut wings, tells the story of Burt Rutan's SpaceShipOne project like nothing before. Now available in Kindle format!

Robert A. Heinlein: A Reader's Companion (new Kindle version, updated)

At last! The reference to Robert Heinlein's works, in a convenient, searchable e-book format, and with updates for 2020.

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